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Vocation Director’s View (VDV)

June 2016

Vocation Director’s View (VDV)

Well this summer has been anything but lazy! I can't wait until school is back in session:) 

It has been a mad dash from the word go. But it is the Holy Spirit leading it all and providing. 

Our Ordinations in late May were absolutely beautiful and a reminder to me of the reason we do all that we do in the Vocations Office. I am very proud of our new priest, Fr. Barry Reuwsaat, and five new deacons.  It was an honor to be at his first Mass.

After the ordination, myself and six seminarians took off to Abbey of the Hills to run our second vocations camp. This year we expanding it to two camps. It was a little nerve racking not knowing if we would have enough campers to make both camps vibrant. We had only one camper for the second camp and two weeks until the actual camp!!! But I just prayed to God saying, if you want this you have to send them. Then after the prayer and numerous postings on Facebook we got our numbers. In fact we doubled our numbers from last year. God is amazing. We are definitely going to have Vocations Camps again next year and I think this going to take on a life of it's own now. Not as much work getting it off the ground. Also I gave numerous discounts to campers so they could come to the camp. We are still $800 in the red for this event if anyone out there cares to make a donation.  

After the Camps it was off to raising money for the seminarians at the Bishop's Charity Fishing Tournaments in Big Stone, SD and Gettysburg, SD. We raised well over $100,000 enough to fund three seminarians for this year!  I also had the weekend Masses first in Gettysburg/Onida then Mobrdige the next week.

Lastly, and probably the most work of all is getting a brand new event up and running to raise funds and awareness that this fall we will have 31-33 seminarians the most since the 1950's.  The event is called the HOLY SMOKE CAR SHOW July 16th @ O'Gorman High Schoo. This is run entirely out of the vocations office, and in conjunction with the local Knights of Columbus Councils. There have been countless hours and sacrifices made to get this event going. God must want it because it is going to be big. I can feel it. We have had numerous amazing sponsors from almost every Car Dealership in down to even the autoparts stores and grocery stores. We have founded a committte of 13 members ow and it is going to be a go! Come and make some history by attending this event and supporting the seminarians. There is a Car Show, Awards, Seminarian Trike Race!, Outdoor Mass, Pig Roast, Inflatables for Kids, $5,000 Raffle, etc. 

1st Holy Smoke Car Show Benefiting Seminarian Education in Sioux Falls, SD July 16th

In Christ,

Fr. Shaun Haggerty 

Vocation Director of the Diocese of Sioux Falls 

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Benefiting Seminarian Education
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