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December 29th 

Great Bear Ski Resort, SIoux Falls, SD

Fr. Shaun Haggerty Winter/Spring VOCATION EVENTS

Vocation Director’s View (VDV)

December 2016

Vocation Director’s View (VDV)

 The Grand Tour is over. After 20,000 miles and 31 seminarians and 25 discerners, and 10 different college campuses I am home and Thankful as I wrie this on Black Friday. 

Since the end of September I have been on the road a lot. To begin with, I had the honor of attending Jospeh Scholten's diaconate ordination at St. Peter's Basilica in Rome. The bishop and I both attended as well as many of our seminarians who happen to be studying in Rome for the semester.  This fall we have seven men in Rome! Four of them are studying as college students at the Pontifical Irish College Seminary for a semester aboard through St. John Vianney Seminary in St. Paul MN. The other three are theologians at the North American College right next to St. Peter's Basilica. I was there for a week catching up with the men and celebratign with Joseph and his family his diaconate ordination.

We then had clergy days for four days. This is a time I always look forward to. Priesly fraternity is essential to living a good priestly life. I always am edified with eighty some priests and fourty some deacons all gather to pray and grow together. This is also stressed in seminary formation and many of the friends forrged in seminary are life long friends in the priesthood.

After clergy days it was off to the many college campuses in East River South Dakota giving vocation talks and having Operation Andrew Dinners. NSU, DSU, USD,SDSU, Augustana, STI, USF, etc. were all visited. This was a time to invite the young men to come on a seminary visit and plan for next plan. I had a total of 19 men visit the seminary this fall. Fourteen visited SJV in St. Paul and 5 at IHM in Winona, MN. We would of had 25 total but a blizzard and a deer on the road got in the way. The encouraging thing though is that this was still one of the biggest groups we have ever taken to visit the seminary. In fact at St. John Vianney Seminary we had the most men attending the visit with over 19 different diocese bringing men. We even beat the Archdiocese of St. Paul/Minneapolis. I don't every remember that happening, and I have attended 17 of these visits! God be praised.  

Please pray for our men. Right now we have seven men applying to the seminary, five of which attend the visit to SJV. It is a difficult time applying the devil does all he can to prevent a man from entering. It is pretty common that as soon as a man applies to the seminary, even if he has told no one, the girls all of the sudden find him rather interesting. 

Also pray for our priests and deacons to be. This June 1st we will have two new deacons, God willing. Then June 2nd we will have six new priests, again God willing. 

Lastly, God continues to all men to the priesthood. One of the best ways to find out if you need to be in the seminary is to hang out with seminarians. Your next opportunity will be to go Skiing with our seminarians on Thursday Dec 29th 2016 in Sioux Falls. We always start with Mass and Breakfast, Skiing until dark, Holy Hour, Pizza and Vocations stories from our seminarians. This will be our third year skiing all are welcome from 6th Grade to college level. Just click the link to the left. 

In Christ,

Fr. Shaun Haggerty 

Vocation Director of the Diocese of Sioux Falls 

If you are thinking about the priesthood, have questions, or want to visit the seminary please email me:

Ski with Seminarians Dec 29th 2016

Come ski with the seminarians over Christmas Break at
Great Bear in Sioux Falls 
Seminary Spring Visits 2017
St. John Vianney Seminary
At the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN
Feb 9th-11th 2017

Immaculate Heart of Mary Seminary
At St. Mary's University of Minnesota in Winona, MN
Dates TBD February or March
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